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The interfaith youth platform in Nairobi led by the office of Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation Franciscans Africa, joined the Fridays for Future movement on 25 Sept 2020 by a virtual event.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the closure of schools, it was impossible to gather thousands of students that we engage with in various schools. The green festival was organized in line with our annual interfaith youth forum on peace and environment, also inline with global climate strike. It was meant to creating an online space for children for them to express their opinion of the issue of Coal mining in Kenya (Kitui and Lamu) as well as the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline (Uganda and Tanzania).

Two experts: Sheikh Muhamad Khan from international Inter-religious Association of Peace and Development was there to give information and updates to children on the danger caused by the coal project in Kitui and Lamu; and Prince Papa from the Global Catholic Climate Movement Africa chapter elaborated on the local and regional risks related to EACOP.

Children from different schools, different faiths plus religious people took the online stage performing with various items for climate advocacy. We can mention few items like: the famous

poem of Sister Jacinta Mwende, the song of Anne Wambui, the spoken word by Allan Kariuki from Global Hope Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre, motivational speech by Sarah Khan etc.



        Some key messages of the day

All participants had carried placards on which were written key messages of the day: a just recovery, resistance and vigilance, no to fossil fuel, stop EACOP, yes for renewable energy, support young leaders in climate action , Decoalnize Kenya etc.

We got time to raise our messages and shout slogans, we also got time to light candles in solidarity with all children who were taking action around the world. The lighting candles meant also our solidarity with all victims of climate crisis and Covid-19.

At the end , the Song Afrika Vuka https://youtu.be/pQrqxcZDzf8 was launched officially  and all participants celebrated the day by dancing the song which has also the message of no fossil fuels and advocating for a just recovery. Watch the livestreamed event  https://youtu.be/i1EFENwqjgc, and here the uploaded version https://youtu.be/UUEq0X4skho.

Find here also some pictures of the event here Interfaith Green Festival Pictures.

Among participants, we had some from Tanzania and Uganda. Two children homes that have been very active in advocating for climate justice were present and the boys represented their respective schools, Global Hope Rescue and Rehabilitation Center (Ngong Township primary school, Ngong Township secondary schools, Nakeel Boys, Olooluwa primary school, Olooluwa secondary school) . The children from Mary Immaculate Rehabilitation Center represented schools like (St. Michael’s Secondary school, St. Catherine’s primary school, St Peter and Paul school in Embu, Mangu High school, Mbakkini secondary school. Others were schools of Mercy (Ngarariga Secondary school, Huruma Girls, Our Lady of Mercy Girls Shauri Moyo, Harmony Institute, Young Mercy Ecology, Hare Chrisna Temple, Younnib,  Franciscan Youth in Mulogoro TZ, Bright Doves of St Francis of Assisi in Uganda, Sisters of Mercy, The Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Interfaith Health Network Initiative from New York/US, a Young Muslim representative from Minnesota /US and Little Sisters of St Joseph and others.

The event was live on JPICFA YouTube channel and GCCM Africa Facebook page, as well as twitter #FaithAction_KE#JustRecovery#AfrikaVuka.

Note: Some students who were to present failed to join in the Webinar due to technical problems

The event started 4.10 and ended at 6.20 pm. Live participants 103 including YouTube and Facebook page. To make this event possible, we say thank you to all organizers and students from various school, especially 350 Africa for supporting us financially and technically.

Sustainability and way forward

Despite that we can not reach out to all students we have been engaging with, at least we got a number of high school students who are ready to keep movement. Schools Managers and parents are also willing to release children for this noble cause.

Thanks to  350.Africadownload


Steeven Kezamutima

JPICFA-Program Manager


Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation Franciscans Africa in collaboration with many other partners organized Schools strike for climate on 21st September, 2019 in Nairobi city ( industrial area), Kenya. Children from many secondary schools, primary schools,Franciscan sisters and brothers, university schools, media and teachers. More that 1000 children marched a distance of 4 km with written messages on banners and placards, addressing people who work in industries around the area. They were chanting requesting for a clean environment and clean energy now now and now. The children got opportunity to address the guest who represented the Nairobi Governor and their handed over to her a letter written on 10 recommendations that Kenya government and Nairobi City county should implement.


Living No One Behind

Birthday Tree Planting Campaign Launched

Participants pose for a group photo after the launch of the campaign.


ON Friday 29th June, the long-awaited Birthday Treeplanting Campaign was launched at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa in Lang'ata. The event was graced by students from three partner schools namely; Huruma Girls and Our Lady of Mercy. Others that graced the event were school administrators, Sisters, and Brothers. The event held in CUEA's Missio Hall kicked off at 10:30 am with a word of prayer from Sr. Mary Sebastian of JPIC-FA.


Welcome to our photo gallery, click on the photo to view.

The Justice & Peace and integrity of Creation Franciscan Africa

Following a decision made during the World social forum in 2007 held in Nairobi, the JPICFA begun. The office for Justice, Peace and Integrity of creation (JPICFA) is based in Nairobi (Kenya) initiative and the arm lobbying and advocacy of Franciscan in Africa, following in the footsteps of our Seraphic Father, St. Francis of Assisi worldly renowned for being a mentor of Peace and Reconciliation, the office of justice and peace and integrity of creation was created to respond to peace issues within Africa.

Franciscans in Africa realized that as Religious they can no longer remain ignorant about socio- economic problems and inactive when human and political rights are violated. They reflect on the social conditions and problems that are a challenging in the rapidly changing world today. The JPICFA office is a support to the work of Franciscans.

Furthermore by our call as Franciscans, we are to be the peacemakers it is well seen in the daily prayer for peace that all Franciscan pray and which has become the anthem for peace in the whole world. it concerns width matters of justice, peace and integrity of creation as important aspects to Franciscans and the people they serve throughout the continent.

The office was opened during the time when Kenya as a country  was experiencing the aftermath of tribe clashes and the victims were still refuges in their own country, it was a time that Kenya was approaching the elections and history has it that our elections had system people dead and 650000 displaced persons. The office contributed a lot towards a peaceful Kenya; they joined the like minded partners to organize a very historical healing and reconciliation symposium held in May 2008 in Catholic University Nairobi , the youth forum in Bomas for peace building and reconciliation which the office organized with collaboration the youth ministry office.

Civic Education: The continuously creates a awareness on issues that affects the people of Kenya for example the Lenten campaign is one of the strategy by the Catholic Justice and Peace commission to create awareness different themes. The Franciscan office has taken upon itself to hold seminars, organize prayers around the Lenten campaign period with specific reference to the Justice, peace and reconciliation as their main strength given that the office is Franciscan.

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